HYPNO LUXO Ltd is involved in web services, graphic design and development.
We offer tailor-made web creations and development in Mauritius. The very good SEO results for the websites that we develop in Mauritius is one of our strengths.

Born and raised in the world of graphic design and photography, we followed with
creative eyes each and every step in the evolution of the web world since its inception.
We do not count the hours spent creating, developing, perfecting our work.

The Team

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We offer all web services in Mauritius, such as development and programming, graphic design, your e-mailings sending & stats management, the Search Engine Optimization, professionnal CDN hosting, servers configuration, etc.

We can’t always compete with bigger companies that sells you cheap templates websites
in large amounts, but we offer through our websites, our soul and the love for a work
well done. The best you can find in Mauritius.

We place services to the core of our business.
Always proactive, motivated, focused.

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