The Green Agency

Pride and Greenwashing

Are you kidding ?

For decades, climate change has become one of the major problems in the world. Therefore, proposing solutions to limit this phenomenon is one of the strong aspects of our company's commitment.

We are taking measures to reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption and waste production in our buildings. In order to raise awareness among employees about their ecological footprint - both at work and at home - internal communications are regularly published.

At Hypno Luxo, we are all concerned
about sustainability.

That's why we recycle all our used pixels and codes and power our servers with bike-linked batteries made of wood and bamboo. Because - let's face it - there's nothing more environmentally friendly than a group of tech geeks pedaling on stationary bikes. And when things get tough, we don't just sit back and let our servers overheat. Oh no, we use the heat to make our office a little tropical paradise.



We have abandoned the use of paper for years. We have adopted electronic documents and invoices because it's easier to lose them in the depths of our computers than to find them in a pile of dead wood. And if a supplier has the misfortune of sending us a paper document by mail, it will go straight to recycling without being processed. We don't bother reading what's inside anyway.

Are we recycling ?

Oh yes, we do ! For obsolete codes, we don't throw them away, we recycle them completely. That is, we use part of them to create new codes (for this delicate process we use the "command-X" to cut out the code off the pages and not "command-C" to just copy them - so the space is left blank) and we donate all the rest to developing countries.

As for our environmentally friendly product purchases policy, we do not make any. Not only because there are no products or close to none that are actually environmentally friendly but also we do not want to encourage companies that claim to be environmentally friendly. As this could be perceived as greenwashing.

Finally, we have reduced pollution related to our activity by introducing telecommuting. So, our employees no longer have to travel to work, but this does not mean we care about the environment, it's just more convenient for us. We are now working on finding solutions to feed them without them having to get up and stop pedalling.



In summary, our company is a model in terms of ecology and sustainability... or not. We are proud of our commitment to the planet... Like the planet really appreciates our support. So, if you're looking for a really greeny-green web design agency or IT company, look no further than Hypno Luxo. We're just like all those big beautiful companies that use greenwashing to give themselves a good conscience and make people believe they're doing something to protect the environment. Only we do it with sarcastic humor.

Of course, we remain vigilant as to the improvements that can still be made to give us (and you) a clearer conscience.